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"Missing someone and having a growing drive to find them. That was a feeling we both shared."

BlackByrd's profile with a hood lining literally referencing his name. It has a unique beak trim and red slits for eyes. Shadows surround his stern expression.

A much more menacing look including fully black eyes matching his curve-collared jacket. His medallion seeps power and something dark.

An angry BlackByrd utilizing a similar bird-hood. He has leather pauldrons and a buckled torso piece made to look like a straitjacket. 

Concept art for cut character, Zechariah Frost, now used as BlackByrd with short hair. While it remains unfinished, it was meant for an encounter with police officers or the forces of good.

BlackByrd was the White Team's Projectilist Male in the War Game. His powers were Crow Plunge (30) Smoke Pillar (55) and Fog of Feathers (170).

A darker edit of BlackByrd's Margin Character for Chapter 3. A pair of black wings sprout from his back while smoke dances beneath his steps. His medallion is also featured along with the shadows completely engulfing a single eye.

Austin Blackbyrd and Candice Ludas artwo

BlackByrd and Luda sitting across from each other on asylum beds. This piece was done by Rose Pokrywka.

BlackByrd will be portrayed by Kazdan R. Azahn in Rise of Tourniquet: The Live-Action Book Trailer.

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