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"Any mastermind has methods to their madness."
Name: Blood
Weapons: Sickles
Powers: Teleportation, Summoning, Matter Manipulation-can alter state of his body
Power Type: Elemental


The Assassin of Red, Blood in a embroidered tunic with connected loincloth, armed with a sickle. Spiked bands are fastened to his neck and wrists. The Vanarusien text below states his name.

The Vanarusien text circling him is to be read inverse, thus it says: "Cyber Blood". This is a mechanized version of the same character.


Blood's redesign is seen in his Margin Character for Chapter 13. Here, the African-American wears an outfit with material similar to archers around the 12th century. The skull of a creature acts as the center of his belt as he manifests from a puddle of blood.

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