"All have lost at least one material possession within their life.

If not, they have not yet experienced life."

An early drawing of Tourniquet with spiked pauldrons. He holds Plasma's chin-a cut character-apparently she reminded him of his wife in an old idea for the book.

Book cover dev5 edit col[7050].jpg

He was the Gold Team's Male Leader on the War Board Game. His abilities were Saber Launch (10) Dark Spell (30) and Blood Reign (180).

Tourniquet wields his great sword summoning pillars of smoke while his tattered cape billows behind. He narrates Chapter 22.

The official cover design by Rose Pokrywka. The smoke emanating from his palm resembles a pair of contestants. Snakes patterns are bolted to his shoulder pads and ferns reside in his vambraces.