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"I tricked him once. Now, I get to do it again."
Name: Fern
Weapons: None
Powers: Plant Manipulation, Pollen Spores-comes in heat and sleep variations
Power Type: Elemental


Fern is fully covered with a curve collared denim and cotton-poly blend uniform meant to resemble a park ranger with sweater underneath visible on her clavicle. She has an uncommon red eye makeup and a figure to her left.

Fern speaking with Jared with her original weapon of a crossbow.

Fern and Jared 1.JPG

A much more comfortable Fern after shortening her sleeves and summoning pollen spores. It reads: "Fern, 5X, Apex City, Team Alpha."

This Tah'leet armored alternate of Fern also shows her in a yellow visor and parted hairstyle. She says, "I have pollen spores," in response to another's remark.


Fern was the Red Team's Female Leader in the War Game with abilities Pollen Spore (35), Root Smack (45), and Vicious Jungle (160).

Fern's first attempted Margin Character of her lifting her leg while sniffing a single rose.


A much more detailed rendition of her updated Margin Character for Chapter 20, Fern holds a wilting rose between her fingers while propping her arm on her knee. She contemplates her current situations.

Fern will be portrayed by Reese Gardner in Rise of Tourniquet: The Live-Action Book Trailer.

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