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"Be careful, that's contagious."

Fever swings into action via rope. She has parted orange hair, a bridged nose, and green lipstick. Her skin is usually pale. The Vanarusien text reads: "Fever: Sickness and Disease". 


Fever's eyes are yellow as a side effect of her vessel's capability of inflicting infections. Her dress is a sickening green with fishnets tights, gloves, and other lacy accessories.

Fever sends an infectious zap of energy to an unlucky foe. A cut character, Timus, stands behind.

Fever's Guitar Hero: World Tour  custom character design. Centering her green makeup pallet are a pair of feverish eyes.

A slightly more disturbed rendition of Fever inducing a sweaty complexion as a side effect of her powers and a harsh slice on her shoulder. Her gold belt is decorated with circular red jewels and her matching claw is exposed.

Fever and Hurricane.

The skin on Fever's forearm is peeled back to reveal her dreadful claw, plaguing her victims with centuries old illnesses. 


The most recent drawing of Fever combining her sickening powers with the downward spiral of her own physical and mental conditions. She is slightly older in her Margin Character compared to other sketches.

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