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"This is the most dangerous situation we've ever faced.

We could all use a hero right now.

No one said you had to do this on your own.

That's why we're here."


The coolheaded composed Jared in his red suit. Two sashes intersect his chest similar to a British Soldier in the colonial days. 

Fern and Jared 1.JPG

Jared and Fern speaking with each other.


Blue was added to his cape and silver lined wrist guards to contrast from the mostly red design. It reads: "Jared, 5X, Apex City, Team Gamma."


Jared fighting the Twin Terrors, Comedy and Tragedy. He freezes one's leg while blasting heat vision at the other.


In the War Game, Jared was the Red Team's Male Leader which he has the abilities, Heat Vision (35), Spinning Freeze Ray (40), and Aerial Brutality (150).


His first attempted Margin Character that just didn't come across as too heroic.


Jared holds a fist up while summoning spiked patches of ice to deal combat with as his cape billows behind him. His boots are more detailed now and given more blue as seen in the shading of his Chapter 7 Margin Character.

Jared will be portrayed by Travis Flinchum in Rise of Tourniquet: The Live-Action Book Trailer.

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