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. “Are you going to turn me into one of them?! A monster? A freak? Huh?!"

Luda ready to pounce alongside a Krow Specter, cut character Human Hybrid, and Korax who emits a strange new aura.

Luda in an airborne battle with the help of butterfly wings. She fights Jason with a Krow Specter lurking in the foreground. Lightning crackles behind.

Luda pictured with a large group of unused or cut characters. Her shirt has a crescent moon, and tights mimicking a modern witch style. Given her black ears and tail, she was meant to follow a "black cat" persona. Ships rest on the valleys behind.

"Candice Luda" with golden braces on her upper arms and boots. She has a sleek battle dress and a pair of crescent shaped daggers. Her cat ears are more visible here.

An insane-looking Luda with bushy black hair and Lolita dress. She has a garter and fancy fringe. A crescent dagger is in her right hand.


The Margin Character for Luda in Chapter 14. A moon in the background connects a line of electricity much like the daggers she keeps close by.

BlackByrd and Luda sitting across from each other on asylum beds. This piece was done by Rose Pokrywka.

Austin Blackbyrd and Candice Ludas artwo
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