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"Hell--o , Daddy!"

A youthful pair featuring Princess Quazar and Tesla. This was a new drawing of her oldest designs, making her the novel's oldest character.


Quazar's battle suit includes a high collar, white metal, and arrays of fishnets between jagged armor.

Princess Quazar in action wielding a saber made of pure energy.

Quazar in flight holding a quasar orb.

Sass and fashionista, Quazar wears street clothes featuring a white, pink trimmed side-buttoned blazer and circle sunglasses. A pink transparent figure is behind her.

A battle ready Quazar with sharp nails and more covering on her cyberpunk-like armor also lacking in fishnets. Her face here includes more detail practice especially in her wild eyes and grin.

Princess of poise, Quazar smiles in a silky zippered jacket version of her signature suit.

An entirely distraught alternate with multi-colored butterfly wings sprouting her back instead of her typical wasp ones.

A highly detailed portrait of Quazar leaning forward while in flight. Her costume is silver and hexagonal patterns rest in her four wasp wings. This one is actually hanging up, hence the white lights.

Gold Team's Female Leader for the War Game. Her moves include Quazar Ray (55), Nebula Blast (35), and Wasp Wind (150).

Princess Quazar speeds forward while developing quasar orbs for her Chapter 21 Margin Character. While she doesn't seem too threatening, underestimating her will be your last mistake.

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