Grab your book and follow while I read the opening sequence!

Follow the links for longer book-related videos on YouTube.

World Development

A short with the book cover and epic music.

Some of the fight scenes are actually acted out.

A very productive day with loads of charts.

This was at least 5 hours of planning.

The WAR Game

Showing how the pieces are made.

WAR Game VS Now


Corona's names existed a while back though.

It's fun watching people make the connection.

A fun way to pass the time, hopefully without spoilers.

Ironically, there actually are 36.

Accomplished a lot in this decade challenge.

The snake in the ceiling was real.

Can you guess?

Tourniquet Card Shirt, available now!

SO much to explain...

So so shleeepy.

Multitasking at its finest.

Lots of things have changed, and I never noticed until now.

And still one missing!

Snake in the ceiling video and context!

Future Projects

Video game anyone?

Book 2.5, Storybook: Auran Knights.
Maybe a graphic novel eventually.

Book 2 Dusty Rose cover work in progress.

History & Future

Book 2 News 

Info on a great, long-awaited character.

Partial cast for a prequel.

Dusty Rose Progress.

Blood Midas.

Live-Action Book Trailer announcement.

Cast revealed!

Some behind the scenes photos from our fight choreography day.

Special Announcements

Last book left.

Writing challenges.

My book in my childhood library.

The first, the last, and the Power Rangers.

Ready for Round 2?


But who's gonna sign my book?

5 Books simultaneously explained.

In the beginning.