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Daniel Allen Dorn

Ever since childhood, Daniel Allen Dorn dreamed of publishing novels and

film-making. The cast introduced in 

Rise of Tourniquet

were but a portion of

Dorn's vast pool of

imaginative characters that had also grown with him.

Cathy Sanders


Cathy Sanders is a prolific writer who has authored or coauthored six books. Her writings have been on Ministry Today, Charisma Leader, and Spirit Fuel. As a former book publishing project manager, Cathy has helped produce over 330 book titles. One project directly under her care has now sold over three million copies. As founder of CS Media, Cathy is a book publishing and writing consultant who also oversees the product development of many book titles each year. 

 Cathy has a deep passion for writing songs and worshiping the Lord. She carries masters and doctorate degrees in Christian education, graduating with honors. Cathy is a mother of two amazing college kids. She resides in Florida with her husband, Andy. In her downtime, she loves to run, swim, and go fishing. "Cathy is also the founder of Fishin' Girl LLC, an organization geared toward educating people about surf fishing and gathering women who love to fish. Find out more at 

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