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Toxic demonic scorpions freed from being fossilized in amber. They are found in the Arakna Pit along with large spiders and are responsible for Jexter's transformation.

Pit Wolves

Vicious hellhound-wolf hybrids with rattling spikes on their back like those of a cockroach. Most travel in packs and run on four legs like Blood's sevims, however, stronger beta and alpha species are more mobile to that of werewolves. The 5X reference pit wolves several time, thus indicating an encounter of their generic forms are also present on the Mainlands.

Transformative Jewelry

Kat's necklace and Enrage's watch are two examples of relics infused with supernatural shapeshifting properties. However, the origin of
both objects remain a mystery.

Vagura Root

An amazing healing remedy of plant extract usually found in forests and glowing in caves. While "root" is slang referencing the entire plant, its leaves can be used as bandages and seeds as vitamins. It can be added to dishes or concocted into tea. It is also crunchy.


Communication tracking devices utilized by the 5X and Extended-X. They can be mounted onto the wrist or a belt buckle. The commu-trackers emit a holographic image of the other user during a direct call. If the lines are open, they act similarly to walkie-talkies, enabling them to know what's going on in different places. If stolen or in the wrong hands, a code is used that disables contact. It also shoots proton beacons.

Cyborg Centurions & Krow Specters

Korax, a Cyborg Centurion guards an area before commencing an attack. Porcupine, a Krow Specter, hunts and eliminates foes. Both robotic sects were used to attack the Central Officer Recruitment Environment. They are powered by phantomessence as seen in their prototype Subject 7Z-421: Mantis.

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