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"My free will had been removed. Just by flipping a switch, I could be turned off,

reset, reformatted, and forget everything this portion of hell brought me."

A poster styled progression picture of this cybernetic character. On the left is a Batman: Arkham Series inspired costume. The Vanarusien text in the background states his name.

An early picture with Mantis standing beside moth based, Bayonetta inspired, cut character, Ryonea. Together, they watched the stars.


A back view of a brooding Mantis with his cape blowing in an ominous breeze.

Mantis' Margin Character for Chapter 6 combines all his previous conceptual elements. He examines his hook blades connected to compartments mounted on his forearms while ignoring his own exposed wiring. He has thick yet sleek leather shoulder pads and his cape resembles a praying mantis' with another name reference in the background.

A recent sketch of a savage Mantis wearing a cape more tattered than his disheveled mind-maybe.

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