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      The Brothers of Legend        

  In the beginning of this particular time, God created two brothers whose responsibility was held in keeping the balance of the world. At this time in the world, there was only balance, no chaos regarding right and wrong. Iro was the Brother of Light, and Eka was the Brother of Darkness. Seeing that they were lonesome, all but having each other, and all of creation, God promised the men wives if they could seek manhood. Hira Conte’ (the lovely goddess) was given to Iro once he discovered patience and responsibility over the light. This meant Eka was on his own journey, rather he never even attempted to seek Kira Neya, the wife whom he was promised. In jealousy, seeing the beauty of his brother’s wife, he fornicated with her while Iro was away. Becoming enraged upon discovering the truth, Iro used his sword to split the world
 into the continents we have today while Eka forged a mask with a cloaking enchantment to hide from him. These events led to Hira Conte' dying of a terrible disease, Eka to vanish, and chaos to enter the world through the hands and feet of fear and rage. 

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