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Eka's Island & Dove Island (17)

1) Beachfront
8) Baron's Pointe
12) Training Grounds
14) Infirmary
4) Arakna Pit
13) Library of Plants
11) Woods
3) Knight's Graveyard
2) Outdoor Arena
16) Temple
10) Mammon Grave
9) Mountainside
7) Tavern
6) Hanara Ampitheatre
5) Castle Ruins
15) Courtyard
17) Dove Island

                 1) Beachfront                             9) Mountainside
                 2) Outdoor Arena                      10) Mammon Grave
                 3) Knight's Graveyard               11) Woods
                 4) Arakna Pit                              12) Training Grounds
                 5) Castle Ruins                          13) Library of Plants
                 6) Hanara Ampitheatre             14) Infirmary
                 7) Tavern                                    15) Courtyard
                 8) Baron's Pointe                       16) Temple


The Inigmus C.O.R.E.

The Central Officer Recruitment Environment acts as the militia and part of the Mainland's government. It is the strategical fortress for the Tah'leet Soldiers and is riddled with intricate dome-topped facilities suspended in midair by antigravitational belts and cable cars encompassing the city.

Apex City

Home to the 5X, Apex City is a bustling metropolis bordering its ocean in which their docks and trades act as a large percentage of its revenue, prompting Captain Red Blood's blockade. Other places include Apex City High School and Apex Asylum, which many argue are quite similar. 


Mentioned once of Dahnarak crawling out of its invisible pits, unlike Hell, it is a separate entity of a monster-world rather than a meta-physical spiritual realm.


Archangel is the renowned "City of Virtue," having several ivy-coated cathedrals and its signature clocktower. It is also a peaceful vacation getaway.

Sanctus Port

Location of the first one-on-one fight. It has stone-walled docks and Tourniquet constructed the Hira Conte' the Second by dragging the remnants of the old ship across the ocean floor. It is the first place and sentence in the book.


The WAR Game

Referenced in the Character Viewer, the WAR game has a roster of 42 characters across the original trilogy, 7 members of each regiment.
Red-5X & Extended-X
Blue-Auran Knights (formerly Fist Warriors)
Green-Tah'leet Soldiers
Gold-Angels of Anarchy (formerly Followers of Tourniquet)
Silver- Operation Recalcitrance
Purple/Black-The Magic Circle (not featured)

Game Paused2.JPG

The game can also be played digitally.

The set up includes:
42 Character Cards
42 Character Pieces
60 Numerical Fate Cards
(10 in each stack)
Dice & Board


The chart to the left features all playable characters (except the Black/Purple team whose colors are used to represent the White team). This chart is used to reference each character's abilities in lieu of the physical character cards.

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