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“This is war! You hear me?! This is the last time! I will kill you all!"

An early picture of "Captian" Red Blood as seen in the mistake in the lower left corner. He has a hook hand and a fancy coat while a blood tipped feather sticks out of his hat. In his other hand, a rope, indicative of his ship. He has an enlarged transparent figure behind.

Captain Red Blood between Dahnarak and Metsys. He has three large feathers curling from behind his hat with a skull and crossbones. He has a wide regal coat and a ruby centered on the sword he wields.


Opening narrator of the book, Captain Red Blood tells a pirate's tale in Chapter 1. His Margin Character includes more detailed versions of his old styles. Behind him is his ship, sailing amidst a storm and he grips a much stronger weapon. 

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