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“You may fall victim as well. No one is safe here.”
Name: Chaos
Weapons: Chaos Sword-a cruel, jagged blade
Powers: Chaos Wind, Critical Endangerment-morphs areas into immediate hazard zones
Power Type: Elemental

Chaos: "You're done for!"


Chaos with a vast array of diverse weaponry. He is armed with a dagger, throwing knives, and versatile armor, but he still reaches for his signature Chaos Sword.

An unmasked Chaos in battle with Light. His skull shoulder pad is in the foreground.

Chaos with a Roman style crested helmet and updated facial covering that also protects his nose unlike its previous designs. He is combating a scythe-wielder.

Chaos' Chapter 5 Margin Character. A chaotic "X" wind manifests behind him while he holds his Chaos Sword. He has a riveted battle skirt and a lengthy feathered crest flowing from his helmet.

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