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"We will give you mercy, but we will also give you justice!"


The earliest single drawing of Cyclone. His complexion is extremely pale in contrast to his grey eyes. Wind circulates his fists and a bigger transparent head canon is seen at his left.

A split picture of Cyclone and Hurricane. Their different emblems are also seen on the chest.

Kat & Cyclone.JPG

Cyclone and Kat conversing on a moonlit rooftop with a carnival in the distance. He seems rather embarrassed about something while she strokes her feline necklace.

The "C" and lightning bolt emblem on the chest is quite prevalent. The metal limbs on Cyclone's suit enables enhanced mobility. The text reads: "Cyclone, 5X, Apex City, Team Epsilon."


Cyclone's role in the War Game was the Projectilist Male for the Red Team. His powers were Wind Tunnel (40), Tornado Vortex (45), and Savage Storm (170).

Cyclone's alternate featuring a sharp design and leather braces in place of his usual metal. The torso piece is divided by two materials, one side leather, and the other velvet or suede. 


Levitating with his massive wind index as depicted in his Chapter 19 Margin Character, Cyclone's costume has altered slightly now with a gray middle surrounded by red. He also has brown boots and gloves as well as goggles to assist in investigations.

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