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"My heart housed itself into a tightening chamber,
constricted by the very snake who created the futile contests."
Name: Kat AKA Katherine
Weapons: Non-Lethal Double-Barreled Silver Pistols
Powers: Shapeshifting
Power Type: Elemental

Kat in an unintentionally distorted position seeing her complex arm placement. Her hair is simple and down with guns attached to her belt. Her suit is white and includes a fluffy collar serving as cushion and a hood.

Kat ugh.JPG
Kat & Cyclone.JPG

Kat and Cyclone conversing on a moonlit rooftop with a carnival in the distance. He seems rather embarrassed about something while she strokes her feline necklace.

In this attempted costume redesign, Kat exchanges her white fur lining for all black and hair is spiked. She holds her gun upside down, but can change that with a quick toss after a harsh deal of combat. The background reads: "Kat, 5X, Apex City, Team Beta."


Red Team's Projectilist Female in the War Game, Kat unleashes Cat's Eye Bullet (25), Bullet Rain (45), and Panther Brawl (140).

Kat Feral.JPG

Kat ready to pounce in her ferocious lioness alternate called "Feral Kat". She has a vicious yellow gaze and a ritual dagger strapped to her elbow for a quick cut. Her hair is wild and ragged much like her outfit.

A highly colored piece for Kat featuring approximately 12 tones to her hair and face including metallic colors and bits of green and purple mixed into her short black locks. Hexagonal patterns are seen in her leather suit below her cat necklace.

Kat wields her double-barreled silver pistols and is ready to transform at a moment's notice in her Chapter 16 Margin Character.

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