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"I was always told that scaring people made their skin crawl,
and I intended to watch that happen."
Name: Jexter
Weapons: Smoke Bombs, Prehensile Tongue
Powers: Inhuman Flexibility
Power Type: Shadowstry


Jexter cosplay attempt using a simple cardboard and string base. This was the original mask idea. You can see the eyebrow decor and the tape on the nose.

A far more regal design now having three horns on the hat, gold adornments, inverted colored padding, and neck piece and early diamond pattern. Vanarusien text states Jexter's name. 

An early Renaissance styled design with a hooded jester hat and poofy pads throughout. He carries a throwing knife and when his mask is removed a goblin face appears.

A somewhat recent design depicting the first version of Jexter's...facial...differences. Originally, Jexter was mute and meant to keep his goblin appearance beneath the mask, but overall, he seems happy about it.

This freaky fool holds a battle stance in this recoloring of the original red.

A disturbing image of Jexter's most recent official design where he advances with the gait of a zombie. This was the first drawing used with a wooden art figure as reference.


Jexter holding the soul of an unwilling "darlin'". Another sketch using a wooden figure reference, this time also serving as a shading practice.


Jexter's attempted full body sketch with him holding a soul again. His cuffs and hat have changed along with a tattered collar lining his uniform. His mask seems more alive than even himself.

Why not add prehensile tongue to the list? 

Serving as the Strongman for the Gold Team in the War Game, Jexter's vicious moves are Clown Lick (35), Smoke Bomb Surprise (40), and Feeding Frenzy (150).


A black spray-painted smiley face's smile drips down behind a wicked Jexter licking one of his smoke bombs seconds away from detonating. He narrates Chapter 8.

An intricate side-by-side rendition of Jexter before and after his tragic incident. Although most would deem it horrid, his smile has never been bigger. This piece was done by Rose Pokrywka.

Jexter is to be portrayed by the author himself, Daniel Allen Dorn, in the live-action book trailer of Rise of Tourniquet. 

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