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The novel officially started in September of 2011 and has since underwent many changes prior to its publication in March of 2021. Saying these adjustments were necessary is an understatement as you will soon discover. As the creation of the novel approaches its 10-year anniversary, please enjoy reading the improved and sometimes cringy choices that were made and edited along the way.


The Cover


Old VS New

The fiery cover was planned to be the official cover for the longest time and is inlcluded in the printed binders of the 2016-2020 version of the book. The original photograph actually had the illusion of a face and two figures fighting. 

This was eventually changed to better suit the series' covers theme of depicting the final narrator of that specific book, in this case Tourniquet. The smoke in his palm did keep the fighting figures however. 


The binders weighed 7.8lbs excluding additional notes and charts.

There are 3 different printed versions.

1) The Original First Draft only featuring the book's first half of Chapters 1-15. (2011-2015)

2) The Completely Re-Edited First Draft with Chapters 1-11 in one binder and Chapters 12-22 in another binder. (2016-2020)

3) The Published Novel (2021)


Much Needed Name Changes

As a sign of characters entering their next state of Tourniquet's "perfection process," several were given new names:

Isabelle > Minerva             Enrage > Infuriate

            Viper > Cobra                Princess Quazar > Nova
Korax > Vortex                      Luda > Mara
Gaako > Daemon                 Lemac > Aeton
Garika > Banshee                (cut character)

While the concept was interesting, it was uneccessary and nearly impossible to remember who each character was, and making it seem as if their newer names were somehow better than the originals. This was removed in later versions.

Chapter 3 Comparison

Unfortunately, the bouncy castle line was cut as it seemed immature for such a high-stake situation in a small, compact area. The severity of the scene was accentuated by the changed dialogue.

Chapter 6 Comparison

Chapter 6 had the most drastic edits for continuity's sake. This entire dream sequence was altered to make it more relevant to the plot while adding depth to Mantis' character. Another vital change was removing the synthetic voice from Mantis' mind. The computer voice actually mentioned locations, "Gaston Bay," "Thunder Rock," and "Sand Bridge."

Chapter 12 Comparison

One of the most difficult edits to a novel is finding characters that just don't fit, have few scenes, or just aren't relevant at the time. Pietor/Peter Pan and his Shadow were a duo of many cut characters whose only scene was in the excerpt above in Chapter 12 involving a clash with Fern. This was later changed to Captain Red Blood and Metsys and served as their first encounter with the 5X since being lost at sea. After already being rivals, not only was a fight imminent, but expected.

Cut Characters


Dr. Vamos
Pietor/Peter Pan & Shadow





As you can see, some of these are still visible in the Character Viewer on certain characters' pages. "Removed" refers to characters who were physically present and interacting in the story and "Mentioned" means those who were simply named for world-development purposes. Most likely, those under the "Mentioned" category will make their debut sometime in the future.

The Long-Term Development

10 years is too long to work on just one book. In reality, several sequels were made and also edited extensively resulting into the review of Rise of Tourniquet. The most recent review would completely change the direction of the series as a whole which initially began as a trilogy.

The world was just too complex to squeeze into a well set trilogy that fans would approve of. Now many more books are in planning, closer to 15-20 main canon stories with potential of at least 5 midquels and prequels.

Old Book Lineup

Rise of Tourniquet (2015 Version)
Colliding Fires (Renamed Hell's Compass)
Fanning the Flames
Deadly Kingdoms


New Book Lineup

"Hanara Prequel" (Origins Story)
"Metamorphosis: A Princess Quazar Story" (Prequel)
"Tah'leet Soliders" (Midquel)
Rise of Tourniquet (2021 Published)
Dusty Rose
"Storybook Graphic Novel" (Midquel)
Hysteria (Working Title)

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