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“You claim to have remembered the old me. Perhaps this is something

you won’t forget about the new me.”

Corona and Light fighting near cut characters, Shala and Seb.

Corona in a blue battle suit floating above a large Vanarusien symbol stating her name. She creates spheres of energy.

Light sporting a white battle suit matching her silky hair with a Vanarusien symbol near her stance. It's hard to tell which is more piercing, her sais or her eyes.

Light: "May I remind you, we're related?"

Corona: "You're not my sister!"

Their relation has since changed.


Light's Margin Character with a slightly less complicated suit compared to her previous ones. Leather armor sits on her shoulders, hoisting a sheer cape while craggy blades extend from her hand.

An unfinished sketch depicting Light attacking an opponent from above. Either blades or beams emit her palms.

A savage Corona on the verge of killing Light, her spheres have become the same fires which consumes her typical merciful tendencies.

Light perched atop a gargoyle overlooking the nighttime scenery while lit by pleasant moonlight. This piece was made by Rose Pokrywka.

Light on a Gargoyle (1).png
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