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"We will meet another time, but I am always closer than you think.”
Name: Deena
Weapons: Fiery Sword
Powers: Flying
Power Type: Elemental

Deena stands amidst a fire encompassing the surrounding area. Her hair is also made of flames and her wings are in the process of manifesting.

Deena draped in an orange fire lined in yellow. Embers fizzle off her hair and the blade of her sword is a golden cross. She has a gem between a pair of all white eyes with markings of her power.

DEENA written in flames.


An early picture of Deena beside cut characters, Bethany, Eden, and Damas.

Damas: "Is there something you wish to tell me?"

Bethany: "There is nothing to say."

An unfinished original Margin Character for Deena. Her flames pile in layers, making her hair one of her deadliest features. Her breastplate is made of pure fire.

Deena was the White Team's Leader Female in the War Game. Her abilities are Smite (25) Fiery Wings (60) and Heavenly Hosts (170).

Deena's second attempt at a Margin Character. A flat tiara pushes her towering hair upwards and her armor is leveled fire. She points her flaming saber forward in her right hand.

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