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"Wisdom brings resolution, while petty fighting prolongs war."

One of few characters first designed on Guitar Hero: World Tour.

The first drawn version of Settris' design. The slit on her midsection was meant to be a scar that was actually on her Guitar Hero: World Tour custom character.

Settris: "I don't believe you're evil."

Enrage: "Heh, heh, well. Looks CAN be deceiving."


Settris was a Projectilist Female on the White Team of the War Game. Her abilites were Heel Kick (30) Psychic Eye (50) Foresight (160).

A new render of Settris showcasing her updated outfit including a carbon fiber plate along her core region. Each of her past outfits kept her cross choker. A psychic eye directs her journey from behind. She narrates Chapter 2.

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