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"Your gem. Your Amethyst."
Name: Amethyst
Weapons: Icy Bow & Snowflake Arrows
Powers: Aura Manipulation
Power Type: Elemental


A first version of Amethyst where she sports a lavender-colored huntress uniform with harness and supplies strapped to her leg. An actual Amethyst is on her forehead where she emits critical beams of energy. She has a ghostly transparent figure to her left.

Her hood holds a stitched in snowflake with a shimmery fur-lined corset styled dress that drops at a rather angular shape along the sides. Now she can manifest arrows by freezing the surrounding air.


Amethyst with boots layered in an eternal ice to enhance her forever fashion. Her tunic has flake-shaped latches and her hair is visible rather than beneath a hood.

Live icicles intertwine around her forearms like frozen vines. This alternate includes a devastatingly sharp neckpiece to hinder close encounters from enemies and a kick cold enough to leave a patch of ice in its wake.

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