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“I forever serve the one who brings peace to the world through difference.

Justice will rise from his ashes; fear and pride shall be his horse.”

Animal to Felinis: This contest is going to be too easy.

Animal wearing a grey vest with battle gloves, camouflage pants and a sleeveless sweater underneath. His lion tail flails behind, ready to counter any upcoming attack. The Vanarusien text Animal overlaps is simply his name.

Animal wearing a vicious snarl in a fitted tank-top torn along the bottom. The background holds an erased sketch of him and to his right is the hybrid doctor-gas mask planned for a cut character, Dr. Vamos.

A sleek, sharp-clawed Animal displays his strength and flexibility as his tail trails around him. His hair mimics an army style, showing his pointed ears. 


Animal readies himself for battle in his feral-faced Margin Character. His wild expression could stun any foe for a short time, but long enough to be too late.

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