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"Modos has seen all."

Sodom spelled backwards, Modos, the Witch of the Sands used to have black hair and a simple pointed hat design.


Modos and Isabelle scolding a cut character, Ashlee for failing an assignment.

A side-by-side progression picture of an old character, Sola now used for a Modos alternate costume.

Here, her veil expels the sand while carrying an hourglass used to intensify her elements. Aside from her cape and royal garb, it seems part of her look is a gold growth.

Modos' new default costume was actually from a dream, only it was a little girl rather than a woman. She has a mane cradling a bull tiara and her jewelry is similar to scorpion tails with dangling accessories. 

Another costume uses a regal leather collar leading to a vest covered in her extended braids. A single braid she can disconnect and use as a whip. Along the silky fur lining is a special type of crinoline. She also wears numerous rings.

A fuller picture of Modos' default costume. Silk strands link from the back of dress connected to the sand to her rings.

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