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"Tell me. Everything."

An early sketch of an agitated Isabelle holding a shield etched with a depiction of a Gorgon, perhaps Medusa herself. She also wears a high crested war helmet.

Isabelle and Modos scolding a cut character, Ashlee for failing an assignment.

A stylish warrior attire for Isabelle allowing her to be protected as well as nimble for penetrating enemy strongholds for a swift and stunning victory.

An Isabelle sketch showing how her helmet operates.

Isabelle's Margin Character. She has traded her sword for a long spear and a shield is firmly grasped by her side. She has a buckled battle skirt, intricate armor, and looks that can kill almost as well as she does.  

Colored Isabelle, kneeling while demonstrating her wrath, her cape of blood flowing behind. This was actually done on a smaller sketchbook.

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