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"My nose never lies; A person with toxicity entered that room before we arrived."

The hybrid creature, Jak'al has human arms and the rest of his body is a humanoid jackal. His eyes are bright yellow and he is an excellent tracker.

Jakal & Felinis.JPG

Anubis and Jak'al having a disagreement.

A snarling Jak'al. The background reads: "Jak'al, 5X, Apex City, Team Delta."

Felinis and Jak'al.

An Egyptian styled alternate costume using gold plates and nanobots to latch onto his hair, strengthening it and making it turn a bluish tint.

The Strongman of the Red Team in the War Game, Jak'al has Jackal Claw (30), Ultra Fury (65), and Piercing Howl (190).


The beast-man's fists radiate an intense aura as he leaps forward in his Chapter 12 Margin Character. Nothing he faces will stand in his way. At least not for too long.

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