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"Some never consider if you have seen another for the last time. Although now was far from it

I still hoped that wasn't my last chance to make things right."

Gaako in his original costume featuring a green invisibility suit and a gecko-gun mounted over his shoulder. He has a bandana and Vanarusien text beside him.


A darker alternate for Gaako with a chest piece similar to the Tah'leet Soldiers of the Inigmus C.O.R.E. Leather straps are bound to his upper shoulder, indicative of a weapon mount. He has steel guards and this was an early experiment with shading from an art perspective.

Gaako wields an electric staff for his Margin Character of Chapter 18. A creature known as a pit wolf lurks behind him with cockroach-like spikes on its back. Gaako's design mimics that of a knight and a wolf head is behind him.

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