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Garika in a poster styled drawing. Her piercing screams trail across onto the opposite page. She has three pink spikes in her otherwise jet-black hair and has a necklace of a heart crossed with a butterfly.

A highly formal garb for Garika. Her hair is pushed back, held in place by a headpiece. She has a metal and gold torso piece and shiny bronze material on her collared dress.

Garika's profile in a Gothic-Punk type bodice with loose sheer textured straps. The middle resembles a corset and her Mohawk is styled slightly toward the side.

Garika in a comic strip beside Jared, Mantis, Captain Red Blood, and an unnamed swordsman.

Garika was the White Team's Fort Defender in the War Game. Her powers are Backhand (30) Super Screech (40) and Rebel Yell (140).

Her second attempt Margin Character for Chapter 11 includes an erased spiral of her deafening screams and a candy skull on her shirt underneath a serious leather jacket. She wears the same necklace from her early design.

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